Club K9’s 1200 square foot indoor training room is designed to duplicate a home setting. This one of a kind training room creates a familiar atmosphere for your dog to learn in. Our home environment training room along with our 10,000 square foot outdoor training area gives our professional training staff ample room to train your dog in the type of spaces they are most accustomed to and comfortable in. Our experience has proven that giving your dog the familiar home setting that they are most comfortable in will decrease their stress and increase their ability to focus on learning new things.

For most, life is fast paced and the art of balancing the many obligations and activities that fill up our lives is challenging. Even with the best of intentions, spending the time it takes to work with our dogs to help them develop into the sound, stable, and well behaved pets we desire is hard to achieve.

Club K9’s InCare Programs provide your dog with professional, comprehensive dog training that addresses your pet’s needs as well as yours. While you are at work or on vacation, your dog stays in the care of a Professional Trainer that will progress through a developmentally appropriate training plan that offers clear, humane, and consistent lessons to your dog.

Our InCare Programs help make your life easier by taking the frustration out of dog training and greatly enhancing your relationship with your dog. Why not have a highly qualified professional train your dog? We have the experience and the skills to bring out the best in your dog. Even better, we train your dog throughout the day, not in separate training sessions. That means the training will work where you need it most: in everyday life. We do the work—all you have to do is enjoy the results.

Below You Will See Our Voice Command Training & Our Basic Obedience Training Programs.

Voice Command Training

The results of our Voice Command Training Program cannot be duplicated in any other training environment.  It consists of four weeks of InCare Training your dog, and includes 4 weeks of support and training once your dog goes home.

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This program is designed for those that want an off-leash, voice command, instant response dog upon completion of the course. A dog must be a minimum of six months old to enter the program. Your dog comes and lives with our Training Staff in a normal family household atmosphere for the first four weeks. Your dog will learn how to have the perfect manner inside the house as well as outside.

Your dog will learn to respect the word NO. This means to stop doing whatever they are doing at the time that they get commanded to stop. This command address a large majority of behavior issues.

The dog will learn a “Place” command. Upon command your dog will go to their place and lay down to stay there until told they can get up. This is usually a dog bed that you will put in a spot you decide. This command is very useful no matter if you are just having dinner as a family and want your dog nearby, yet out of the way, or if someone rings the doorbell and you need to attend to business without your dog’s participation.


We will teach your dog not to go through any open door unless invited in or out. This addresses the bolting through doorways when you areopening your door in the house as well as an automobile.

After all these things have been address indoors we begin working on a instantaneous response to their name under all circumstances. The dog will obey your voice, regardless of distractions, at all times. Your dog will heel OFF- LEASH by flipping to the left side of you and sticking to you like glue. The dog will automatically sit when you stop.

Your dog will learn to DOWN INSTANTLY upon the first command and staying in that position until release, no matter if it is for 5 mins or 5 hours.


We have you, as the owner, participate in the training starting around the 14th day. We eventually will be able to go into pubic outdoor locations as your dog is able to perform all these off-leash functions with the distractions of the public, other dogs, and children.


This course includes 4 weeks of support and training after the dog has gone home. During this time we fine tune the training of the handler and dog. We will meet in a variety of public places to assure that you fully understand how to handle your dog.


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Basic Obedience


Our Basic Obedience Program offers basic manners on leash obedience. During your dogs two week stay with our professional training staff we are able to accomplish a solid foundation for a well behaved dog. A dog must be four months old to enter.
Your dog will learn to respect you and the word “no”.  This addresses most unwanted behavior like nuisance barking, jumping, and chewing. Your dog will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, to sit upon command, down upon command, stop at all doorways without barging through, respond to their name, rest quietly in his/her crate, and hold a long down.
After your dog has gone through a regimented two weeks of training each day and night inside his trainers home, you will go through a 2 hour handlers course to learn exactly how to handle all the commands your dog has learned. This course will allow you to start enjoying your dog and give you a bump start for training your dog.

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Our Other Programs Include