Off Leash Voice Command Training

8 Week Program

The results of our Voice Command Training Program cannot be duplicated in

any other training environment. Phase one of this program consists of four

weeks of in care training for your dog. You will not participate in week one or

two, but you will begin to attend classes on week three to learn how to cue

and communicate with your dog as they have been taught. By the time your

pet goes home with you after four weeks, you will have the skills needed to

successfully begin the next phase of the program.

Phase two begins when your dog is home with you and you and your pet

return to our center twice a week for small group lessons to continue to learn

and grow with your dog. The second phase of the program puts the icing on

the cake, and under the guidance of our professional trainers you and your

dog will advance even further in a social and realistic life atmosphere of other

people and dogs.

This program is designed for those that want an off-leash, voice command,

instant response dog upon completion of the course. A dog must be a

minimum of six months old to enter the program. Your dog will learn how to

have the perfect manner inside the house as well as outside. Your dog will be

the polite partner of your dreams and walk next to your side without the need

of a leash for control. Your dog will learn to have an instant name recall

under all circumstances and will come to your side as soon as you call their


Your dog will learn to respect you and the word NO. This means to stop

doing whatever they are doing at the time that they get the verbal command

to stop. This command addresses a large majority of behavior issues;

jumping, nuisance barking, chewing, etc.

The dog will learn a “Place” command. Upon command your dog will go to

their place and lay down to stay there until told they can get up. This is

usually a dog bed that you will put in a spot you decide. This command is

very useful no matter if you are just having dinner as a family and want your

dog nearby, yet out of the way, or if someone rings the doorbell and you

need to attend to business without your dog’s participation.

We will teach your dog not to go through any open door unless invited in or

out. This addresses the bolting through doorways when you are opening your

door in the house as well as an automobile.

Your dog will learn to down instantly upon the first command and stay in that

position until released. A sit command is also trained, with a long sit, and a sit

from a verbal command from a distance.

This eight week program gives you an advanced off leash voice commanded

dog that you will be confident and proud to walk around your neighborhood

and never embarrassed or humiliated to have guests over.

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