Private Lessons are offered for those who have the proper time to dedicate to training your own dog with the guidance of a professional trainer. Private lessons are suitable for basic behavior issues like leash pulling and jumping. They are also successful to teach your dog basic to intermediate obedience skills of healing on a leash, sit, down and stay. The success of the private lesson is based on your commitment to the process and your ability to set aside the needed time to practice with your dog the lesson shown to you by the trainer. Private lessons are at your home, or a local park, approximately sixty to ninety minutes in time. You will schedule your next lesson at your own pace, when you are ready to progress to the next step, usually weekly. You should allow a minimum of sixty minutes a day to work with your dog, best results will be obtained by doing this is two thirty minutes sessions daily. Private Lessons are $125.00 per session per dog.

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