Puppy Basic Manners

2 week Program


Our Puppy Manners Basic Obedience Program offers basic manners on the
leash obedience. This program is designed for puppies or small indoor only
dogs. During your dogs two week stay with our professional training staff we
are able to accomplish a solid foundation for a well behaved dog.

Your dog will learn to respect you and the word “no”. This addresses most
unwanted behavior like nuisance barking, jumping, and chewing. Your dog
will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, have an instant name recall, to sit
upon command, down upon command, rest quietly in his/her crate, and hold
a long down in their assigned “place”. The routine of this program is ideal for
reinforcing a solid potty training schedule.

After your dog has gone through the regimented two weeks of training each
day and night, you will go through a handlers course to learn exactly how to
handle all the commands your dog has learned. This course will allow you to
start enjoying your puppy and give you a bump start for training your dog.
This program also includes one class for you and your dog to return for a
follow up class after your dog has gone home to assure you and your dog are
doing well together at home.

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