Service Dog Training Program

10 Week Program


Service Dog Training is offered to those who desire and need their dog to
legally, in accordance with Federal Laws, accommodate them everywhere
they go. At the completion of the program your dog will be an off leash, voice
command, instant response dog professionally trained and able to
accompany you in public. Your dog will learn how to have the perfect manner
inside the house as well as in crowded public places, including shopping
malls, airports, hotels and your place of employment.

In addition to the full Off Leash Voice Command Program your dog will learn
additional tasks for public access ease. Your dog will learn an “Under”
command, and upon this command will slip under a bench or chair. This
training is essential to take your Service Dog with you into restaurants, to
school, work or on an airplane.

Service Dog Training includes food refusal, also known as poison proofing.
This training teaches your dog to only eat food given to them in their dog
bowls. This prevents counter surfing, floor cleaning and can save your dogs
life if anyone ever tries to entice your dog to eat a food tainted with a poison.
Crowd control is a crucial task for any service dog and our program gives
your dog the confidence and ability to maneuver through busy shopping
malls and down crowded streets alongside you.

Your dog will have the skills and training to travel by air or bus with you with
ease. Going through airport security screening, loading onto an airplane or
bus and laying quietly during your trip is all part of our Service Dog Program.
If you do not already own a dog, our placement specialists will test and
qualify dogs to help you make the right choice for your needs. This assures
that your new dog will be a perfect candidate for entering the program.
We also have fully finished turn key Service Dogs Available for Sale.
We offering Service Training for Miniature Horses and Donkeys
Fully Finished Service Miniature Horses and Miniature Donkey Available for
Sale. Please visit the Service Dogs for sale page (LINK) for Dogs, Miniature
Horses and Donkeys available.

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