The Davis family opened their first canine facility in 1986 and has been a constant in the animal care, behavior and training industry since. Upon moving to Las Vegas the family realized that what this city had to offer in dog training options and overnight doggy hotel stays was by far not up to their, standards.

To continue meeting the demand for phenomenal services our family opened up to North Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ.

Realizing that the average dog lover does not personally have the time or knowledge it takes to have a well trained dog, we designed a complete canine facility based around creating a cage and bar free atmosphere with a perfect stress free learning environment.

You will immediately see the difference as soon as you arrive at our center! The vast years of experience the Davis family has in animal behavior, care and training is apparent with every detail of Club K9. Please stop by the facility and see for yourself the best Our Family has to offer dog lovers.

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