Learn to train your dog in a fun environment under the instruction of an expert trainer.

Why Group Classes?

Group classes are a great option for those who would like to be more hands-on in training their dog. Once a week, you’ll work with your dog one-on-one in a class of other dogs and their owners. But it can’t stop there. Owners will be responsible for continuing training at home by practicing the commands at home at least one hour per day. Between classes and practicing at home, owners can see their dog’s progress with each passing week.

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We can help your dog learn:

Name Recall

  • our dog’s name is one of the most important commands they need to learn and respond to. Teach your dog to instantly turn and look at you when you call their name and ensure that they will come when called.


  • One of the most critical commands your dog can know. We will teach your pup to stop whatever they are doing the moment you say “No!”, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. This command can literally save your dog’s life!


  • On command, your pup will be able to sit and stay in that position until given further direction. This is a great way to keep them calm and well-behaved in any situation, indoors or outdoors.


  • Like “Sit!”, this important command will tell your dog to lay down and stay there until you release them.


  • This command teaches your dog to go to their “Place,” usually a bed or crate, and stay there until you release them.


  • Walk away and trust that your dog will stay in the given spot until you come back. This is a great way to keep them safe and secure when they are not under your control.

Basic Leash Manners

  • Go on calm walks with your dog, free of pulling and tugging. Your pup will learn the basics of leash manners, allowing you to keep your dog safe and comfortable on walks.

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Group classes are a great way to get started with your dog’s training. With the help of an expert trainer and personal support from our staff, you and your pup will learn the basics of canine obedience in no time at all!

Learn Together at Club K9

At Club K9, we take pride in our commitment to helping you have a trained and well-behaved pup. Our lessons are designed for dogs of all sizes and breeds, from puppies to full-grown adults. Our classes are held at a convenient time so that owners can focus on working with their dog during class time and practicing at home in between sessions.

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