Behavior Modification

10 week program


This is the only program appropriate for a dog with any type of aggression. This includes
other animals, people, and food. Aggressive behavior modification is not limited to dogs that
have actually bitten, but any dog that growls, cowards, or hides. An aggressive dog is
usually a scared dog, and not typically an indication of a dog with a mean heart or spirit. We
understand that dogs with unacceptable behavior take time and special patience. Our
professional dog trainers have the animal behavioral understanding combined with the
training skills necessary for your dogs success.

This is a six week in care program, your dog will stay at our facility during this phase of
training. Your dog will be introduced under strict supervision and guidance to proper and
acceptable social skills with other animals and humans. Our facility is the perfect
environment to immerse your dog into life with friends, both canine and human.
In addition to behavior modification your dog will learn the Off Leash Voice Command
Obedience Program. Teaching your dog love and respect using obedience gives your dog
clear rules and boundaries and leaves no room for any confusion they have most likely

Phase two of the program begins after your dogs six week board and train training. During
this phase of training you and your pet return to our facility twice a week for four weeks. You
and your dog will grow together as a team gaining the needed confidence to be around
other dogs and people while advancing your obedience skills.

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