Our Daycare center is unique and unlike any other daycare option available. We don’t leave your beloved dog in the care of an untrained “pet sitter”.  Our Daycare staff is professionally trained and experienced with all breeds of dogs. Our staff has training skills to understand animal behavior and to help your dog make friends in the appropriate way.

Our professional staff understands the inherit problems most daycare situations can cause by using pulling and tugging on dogs necks to move them from place to place and to pull them away from situations they consider may be too rough.  Animals similar to humans dislike this pulling and tugging on the neck, and eventually, most often this brings out negative behavior from your dog. Imagine your dog being pulled by his neck by humans all day long to get him to go where he is needed to be. Eventually most dogs develop a flight reaction and you might notice they will either go into avoidance or even run from you.  This is caused by inexperienced Daycare staff not properly trained on how to care for and handle your dog. At Club K9 our Daycare is staffed with dog trainers not doggy babysitters.

Playtime and Exercise

Our daycare dogs spend their day under the supervision of our staff who supervise the play activities.  We encourage friendly playful socialization and exercise.  Dogs are carefully and thoughtfully places in play groups that allow them to play safe and develop socially.


Yummy treats are given to make your dog feel pampered and right at home.

24/7 Vet Access

We have a veterinarian on-call so if any complications arise we can quickly get professional advise or care for your pet.


Our doggy daycare area has large televisions for visual stimulation and soothing music is played during nap time.

Nap Time

Each dog has time in a private room for quiet time to relax.

Loving & Caring Staff

Our staff are animal lovers and rest assured that your pet will be loved on daily and cared for as if it was our own family member.

Cat DayCare

We love cats too and they are welcome at Club K9 Daycare. Your kitty will have a private bedroom with plenty of things to explore, or social cats can join our kitty daycare room and make friends.