Club K9’s 1200 square foot indoor training room is designed to duplicate a home setting. This one of a kind training room creates a familiar atmosphere for your dog to learn in. Our home environment training room along with our 10,000 square foot outdoor training area gives our professional training staff ample room to train your dog in the type of spaces they are most accustomed to and comfortable in. Our experience has proven that giving your dog the familiar home setting that they are most comfortable in will decrease their stress and increase their ability to focus on learning new things.

Service Dog Training is offered to those who desire and need their dog to legally accommodate them everywhere they go.

Service Dog Photo 1At the completion of the program your dog will be an off­leash, voice command, instant response dog. Your dog comes and lives with our Training Staff in a normal family household atmosphere for 6 weeks. Your dog will learn how to have the perfect manner inside the house as well as in crowded public places. Your dog will be certified as a Service Dog and in accordance with Federal Law able to accompany you everywhere you go.

Your dog will learn to respect the word NO. This means to stop doing whatever they are doing the second they get commanded.

We teach them how to go to their place and lay down to stay there until told they can get up.

We will teach your dog not to go through any open door unless invited in or out. This addresses the bolting through doorways when you’re opening your door in the house as well as a automobile.

After all these things have been address indoors we are also began working on a instantaneous response to their name under all circumstances, heeling off­leash by flipping to the left side of you and sticking to you like glue with a automatic sit when you stop, learning to down instantly upon the first command and staying in that position until release no matter if it is for 5 mins or 5 hours.

We have you as the owner participate in the training starting around the 14th day and continue until the dog is ready to go home. We will be going into crowded public business locations as your dog is able to perform all these off­leash functions with the distractions of the public, other dogs, children and shopping crowds.

This course also includes 4 weeks of follow up training after the dog goes home.

If you do not already own a dog, our placement specialists will test and qualify dogs to help you make the right choice for your needs. This assures that your new dog will be a perfect candidate for entering the program.

To enroll in our Service Dog Program or for further information please contact us.

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